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„If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses“

Henry Ford

High-Performance Materials for High-Performance Needs!



The automotive industry relies on additive manufacturing in addition to traditional tooling. One example of the use of 3D printed high-carbon steels is the production of injection nozzles.


Stamping & Toolmaking

Cutting elements such as punches or dies in individual shapes can be ideally manufactured additively. This results in the following advantages for toolmaking.


Mold making

KOLIBRI Metals is an expert in carbon contents up to 1% and thus produces process-safe components from tool steels known to mold making.

Construction / Mining / Recycling

The main field of application of KOLIBRI METALS materials is not only tool making but also construction and mining industry. The use of our materials in these industries is characterized by higher toughness and simultaneously high cutting performance compared to carbide.


Food & Packaging

Kolibri Metals makes it possible to reduce individual components, increase freedom from maintenance and design molds in such a way that wear is reduced. 
Nozzles with filigree structures made of stainless steel and at the same time carbide-like properties represent completely new design possibilities for wear parts and thus save money.


Machining tools

Classic subtractive manufacturing processes are used in metal or woodworking. Here, enormous productivity increases have been achieved in recent years through more precise and productive machines and tools. High-performance tools are designed and used for high-performance machines. Solid carbide (SCM) tools are standard worldwide. Tools manufactured by KOLIBRI Metals offer you several advantages here.

The world of additive manufacturing has virtually exploded in recent years. Both machines and use cases in the plastics sector and for lightweight materials have been promisingly expanded. Steel is also already being widely used.

But that is not enough for us!

We are firmly convinced that the real breakthrough is yet to come. However, there are two tasks to be solved for this to happen:

1. better, more diverse and more suitable materials for individual industries.

2. more productive and capable machines for users

KOLIBRI Metals is working on both of these problems, focusing on challenging materials that either have not been additively manufacturable before or represent a completely new mix to solve stability issues.

We develop new materials, but we also produce components based on our existing materials, which help you to solve a problem.

For customers with high demands and individual requirements, we also supply a complete system, which includes parameters, machines, as well as the optimal mixture of materials.

„Materials research is the foundation of our lives. Without it, progress is not possible.“

Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Materials, process & systems


Due to the permanent development of new alloys and the associated monitoring of the results, it is “daily business” for us to develop new parameters and mixtures. Our know-how enables us to also “print” YOUR material for you.



Along our process flow, we offer you the full support you need to get your parts into your products or production as quickly as possible.



An essential success factor to increase the component quality of additively manufactured metal components is a good powder quality. For this purpose, KOLIBRI Metals offers some tools to increase and consistently maintain the component quality.


Das kleinste Stahlwerk der Welt steht in Amtzell

AMTZELL – Dem 3D-Druck gehört die Zukunft, und die Firma Kolibri Metals GmbH gestaltet sie von Amtzell aus mit. Seit knapp zwei Jahren forscht hier ein kleines Team an der Weiterentwicklung des 3D-Druckverfahrens und der Materialzusammensetzung für immer härtere und haltbarere Stähle. Mittlerweile ist man weltweiter Vorreiter dieser Technologie.

Top 50 Start-ups: Innovation made in Germany

Nach einem ereignisreichen Jahr 2020 wurden nun die Top 50 Start-ups des Jahres 2020 gekürt. KOLIBRI Metals GmbH gehört mit dazu!

KOLIBRI Metals GmbH hat es gemeinsam mit vielen weiteren Start-ups unter die Top 50 Start-ups geschafft.

Landes-Innovationspreis 2020 geht an KOLIBRI Metals GmbH

„Wir brauchen in dieser schwierigen Zeit mehr denn je innovative Ideen, die möglichst rasch
auf den Markt gebracht werden können“, sagte die baden-württembergische Wirtschaftsministerin Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

Kolibri Metals stellt extrem harten austenitischen Edelstahl mit 40 HRC vor

Der Materialentwickler KOLIBRI Metals GmbH stellt einen neuen Edelstahl für die additive Fertigung vor, welcher sich durch eine Härte von über 40 HRC auszeichnet.

KOLIBRI ATACAMA - Dry your additive powder ...

Kolibri: Pionier in der Prozessentwicklung von 3D gedruckten MMC (Metal Matrix Composite)

KOLIBRI Metals ist der Experte, wenn es um die Entwicklung von Werkstoffen und dazugehörigen Prozessen in der Additiven Fertigung geht. Der Feuchtegrad des Pulvers beim Druckprozess ist entscheidend für das Druckergebnis.

KOLIBRI: Druck von Metal-Matrix-Composites zur Verschleißreduzierung mit Karbiden und Diamanten in Stahl

Die KOLIBRI Metals GmbH aus Oberschwaben hat erstmals Diamant in Stahl gedruckt und beeindruckende Ergebnisse in Bezug auf die Verschleißbeständigkeit erzielt.

Individuelle Teilefertigung aus verschleißfestestem Stahl der Welt

Knowhow bei der Mischung des Stahls und nach individuellen Kundenbedürfnissen
gefertigte Teile, sind die Stärken von KOLIBRI Metals. Lesen Sie weiter auf Seite 121


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