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KOLIBRI 3D Metal Printing

Tool and mold construction is seen as a major beneficiary of additive manufacturing or 3D metal printing. The possibilities and degrees of freedom in the design of molds and tool inserts are practically unlimited. On the one hand, 3D metal printing enables shorter lead times for tools, while on the other hand additional functions such as cooling channels can be integrated into a mold, enabling a reduction of around 30% in cycle times which results in a major increase in productivity for the user.

Up to now, only tool steel with a carbon content of less than 0.5% could be offered on the market. Thanks to our targeted focus on high-carbon-content steels, we are in a position to offer additively manufactured components made from 1.3343 with up to 0.9% carbon which can achieve hardnesses of up to 65 HRC (depending on the heat treatment curve).

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For more demanding applications, e.g. piercing punches or hole punches in tool construction, we have developed our own material which has characteristics similar to carbide metal.

In contrast to 1.2709 tool steel which is the standard additively manufactured steel, this material features up to ten times more wear resistance with a correspondingly longer service life.

Here, prototypes are no longer just for demonstrative purposes. In fact, they are fully usable parts which in some cases are even better than conventionally manufactured parts.

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